It’s All Coming Together!

Christmas is just around the corner and time is whizzing by in a flash. Suddenly life seems to be a constant conveyor belt of End of Term parties, Food to be taken in, Secret Santa Presents, Teachers Christmas presents, coaxing our children to write their Christmas cards for their friends and sorting out carrier bag after carrier bag of school work that is being sent home by the recycling bin load.

Yes, you have guessed it, time to breath is scarce at the moment and once again juggling work is getting tricky. Dear Santa, please could you give me 5 more hours in each day.

But that hasn’t stopped us being super busy redesigning our packaging. And we are finally happy with the finished design. There have been a few hiccups and quite a few times when we have looked at it and thought ‘something is just not quite right’ – but now we are loving it – and keeping our fingers crossed that everyone else does too.

We have also been designing a leaflet to be sent out to Nurseries and Sure Start Centres.  This is based around our new packaging – so here it is – what do you think?

background_light leaflet

Since our last blog we have been working alongside our new PR company Bump PR and we are very excited that our Dribble Stop Tops will be featured in Mother&Baby and Prima Baby in the next couple of months. Now that may not sound that big a deal to you – but to us it is HUGE and it really does show that is not what you know, but WHO you know. We have been constantly sending our Press Releases, Emails and articles that we think may be of interest to these publications over the last 12 months, but we have not even had a sniff of interest from them. However, a phonecall, a press release and some friendly emails from our PR agent Lisa and we are in there! Woo Hoo. We can’t wait for the magazines to be published and of course as soon as we receive a copy of them, we will be sure to share them with you!



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