Pick yourself up, brush yourself down and get on with it!

I have been back from my trip to the UK for a couple of weeks now, but after a couple of days back making pack ups and doing the school run, my visit back home feels more like two years ago! But the two weeks Tracy and I had together were invaluable and we made the most of every minute.

From introducing our Dribble Stop Tops to a local charity called Step and Learn who help teach children with cerebral palsy to be independent and do things on their own, visiting The Baby Show Olympia, meetings with our suppliers, attending two awards ceremonies, getting our heads together around Tracy’s famous kitchen table, a photoshoot!!!!

And at last we got to drink that bottle of champagne that has been on ice for so long.


One of the most exciting things to happen was Tracy entered our Dribble Stop Tops into a ‘competition’ called ‘Invent with Tom’. This was an opportunity to present our product to Tom from The Apprentice, in the hope that it would be one of three products chosen to be sold in Jojo Maman Bebe stores across the country.


They loved our tops and thought they were really innovative and a brilliant idea (which was lovely to hear), however because we have a big range – 3 colour ways across 6 sizes, our product would take up too much room in their stores as they only had space for a single unit – say a toy or new baby bottle etc.

But all was not lost – during the selection process our Dribble Stop Tops got shown to a lovely lady called Jane from a large baby products distribution company called PHP. Jane is one of those people who it feels like your paths were ‘meant’ to cross, fate, destiny – whatever you want to call it. Jane is very respected in the industry and is a source of invaluable and very honest, advise. A lady who really does know her stuff. She thought our tops were wonderful and could see them in stores such as John Lewis, Mothercare etc but told us that our packaging was letting us down. She thought it was dated and that the High End stores would not even consider stocking it like this!

At first, when someone tells you something like this, it can be a bit like a punch in the stomach – we worked so hard on our packaging and put so much thought and attention into it – however, we are not graphic designers. But this is where in business you can not take anything too personally – you have to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and get on with it! So with that we are working hard with a great Packaging Designer to get our packaging Spot On and hopefully see it soon (with Jane’s help) on the shelves of these ‘High End’ stores.

Here is a little peek at the packaging ideas the designer first came up with and let’s be honest, it does make our current packaging look very ‘home made’. So it’s exciting times for us and you will be the first to see our new packaging when it’s ready.

packaging 1packaging 2



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