BizzieBaby Reviews – We Scoop Silver

bb-awards-logo-silver-2014BizzieBaby recently reviewed our Dribble Stop Tops for us and we are thrilled to say that we scooped a Silver Award from them, with 2 out of 3 reviewers awarding our tops 5/5!

Having our tops reviewed is always a bit nerve wrecking – even though we have every confidence in our product.  But we worry about BizzieBaby reviews even more than usual.  This is probably because we have no control over who they go to and what the reviewers are going to say.  They are picked by BizzieBaby from a panel of reviewers that have children in the right age range – we don’t even know whether these are going to be dribblers or not – which leaves us feeling very vulnerable indeed!

We had to send a pack of tops out to 3 people whose names and addresses were given to us from BizzieBaby and wait for about 4 weeks until we heard from BizzieBaby to say that the reviews were LIVE on their website and being Tweeted all over Twitter.  Only then, could we whizz over to their website to read what had been said.

So when we read the reviews it was a mixture of pure relief and elation.  The smiles spread over our faces from ear to ear and we were two happy ladies.

Some of the comments were

‘Fantastic product does the job it is meant to do and very easy to use’

‘Excellent Product and very innovative.  Great experience, good quality, great idea and wish I had heard of these before’

‘I was shocked at how much it absorbed without the wetness irritation on  my little girl’s skin.  For once there was no rash around the chest area and meant she didn’t need her tops to be changed as often as usual.   …Normally her tops and dribble bibs need contact changing as they get too wet and irrigate her skin.  She suffers with really bad eczema and the tops stopped her skin getting wet and drying out which can lead to her constantly scratching’

To read the full review please click on the link below:


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