Fabulous Friday

Last Friday was one of the BEST days and nights of our Dribble Stop life!

In the morning we travelled up to London, with our overnight bags in tow and headed straight for the Baby Show Olympia.  As always the show was alive with new ideas, clothes and gadgets for your little ones – as well as talks from people like Annabel Karmel giving guidance and advice to new mums and dads.


Annabel Karmel at the Baby Show



One of the things we are always a little nervous about when we attend baby shows is whether anyone else is trying to introduce a product similar to our Dribble Stop Top to the market – as although we have patented our tops, it would still mean a lot of hassle for us.

Luckily, bibs were still the only thing on offer as far as dribbling is concerned – hurrah!

Whilst at the show we arranged to meet a lady called Lisa from Bump PR.  This is because we are still having problems with our marketing and PR.  We KNOW our product is good, because everyone who tries it tells us so.  The major problem we have is letting everyone know about it – as it is great having a fab product, but if no one realises it is available, sales will just not happen.  We have tried advertising in magazine such as Gurgle or Mummy and Me, but to be honest classified Ads just do not have the impact that we need.

So we decided we had to bite the bullet and seek help from a PR company.

Lisa was great and we both immediately  felt at ease with her and that she was on our wave length.  She explained exactly how BumpPR could help us and we came away feeling that we had found our Girl!

The day flew by and before we knew it we were in our hotel and getting ready for the Nursery Industry Awards.  As you know we were up for ‘Best New Baby Product 2014’ and we were both buzzing with excitement.  On went our makeup, up went our hair and we shimmied into our evening dresses – it felt great!


The Awards were held at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel – a swanky hotel in Kensington with Lamborgini’s and Ferrari’s lined up outside waiting for the valets to park them.  WOW!


We can dream!

Once inside we made it our mission to mingle and network as much as possible.  So we drank a sneaky glass of champagne to give us a little Dutch courage and we were off!  Everyone made it such an easy and enjoyable experience.  We found that people were happy to chat and discuss what we were all here for.  People seemed keen to know about our Dribble Stop Tops and were genuinely impressed that a product that was only launched in February, by two unknown mums, was up for ‘Best New Baby Product’ against products from two well known and established baby brands.

At 8 o’clock we all had to be seated ready for the Awards presentation and it was a brilliant surprise when we realised that we were sharing a table with the team from BumpPr, along with some lovely ladies from Milton and a really entertaining man called Rob who is the publisher of Progressive Pre-school Magazine – excellent!


The Awards and dinner whizzed by and before we knew it our award was up.  The finalists names were all called and flashed up on screen and we sat there with our hearts in our mouth…


Our name up in Lights

…no we didn’t win, we were pipped to the post by Nutribaby.  But we were thrilled to see our name up on the big screen in front of so many important and influential people in the industry and to be runners up in Best New Baby Product 2014 means so much to us – an achievement that we never even dreamed of!

We left at the end of the evening with sore feet and smiles on our faces.  We met so many great people and collected a lot of business cards and promises of help – which we will be sure to follow up on – so Cheers everyone and here’s to the year ahead!


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