This week we attended the MumandWorking Awards in London where we were up for the ‘Best Working Parent Blogger Award’. As we only started our blog at the beginning of this year it was quite an achievement in itself to be one of the four Finalists.

The Awards were held at Google Headquarters in London which was abuzz with excitement and technology when we arrived.

At the Awards at Google Headquarters

We didn’t win ‘Best Working Parent Blogger’ and if truth be known, we didn’t really expect to – as the other finalists were what we call ‘serious bloggers’ who are blogging all day everyday and for them blogging is a real passion – so they were far more deserving winners than we would have been. But we were just so pleased that our blogging had given us the opportunity to attend these prestigious Awards.
After the Awards there was a reception – which is where we picked up our prize – the chance to talk and mingle with other business owners, media and entrepreneurs. One of the highs for us was to meet Mrs Haberman – the lady who invented the Haberman Feeder (which I can remember buying for my eldest son when he was having problems feeding from a bottle) and also the famous Any Way Up Cup. She was a lovely and inspiring lady who, during the awards, shared some insights into the ups and downs she has come across whilst running her business over the years. So we were thrilled when she asked us what we did and we told her we invented the Dribble Stop Top and she said ‘I’ve heard of that!’

A great day had by all.

A great day had by all.

A great day had by all!
We came away from the Awards, not disappointed that we had not won, but excited about the people we had met, the business cards we had shared and the contact details we had received of many interesting and exciting people.


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