Password Puzzles

Ok, this week I am having a little ranting moment. Passwords are driving me CRAZY!!!!

It seems that every other day my Yahoo account is ‘compromised’ and my password needs be changed – or someone has hacked our WordPress site and guess what – the password needs to be changed! The thing is I am running out of ideas for what to use as passwords. I’ve been through the usual children’s names, birthdays, anniversaries and a mixture of all of them – so now what and how do you remember them? Then I have a bright spark moment and think – oh I will remember that – type it in and it says, sorry you need to include 3 Capital Letters, at least 2 numbers and a punctuation mark – arghhh!


Daily password dramas!

The thing is, nowadays we have passwords, codes and pin numbers for everything –  from our bank cards, to our mail accounts, shopping accounts, and every other account you create on the internet. Then there are our business accounts – our WordPress site, our Paypal account, Twitter, Facebook and our 2mums Ltd email accounts – it all really is password overload! And Tracy won’t mind me saying that we both like SIMPLE, EASY TO REMEMBER passwords that we can both – well – remember!   Trying to memorize all your passwords is akin to trying to recite the names of everyone who was in your first class in infant school!

Inevitably, it is ALWAYS when I am in a hurry that I can not remember the password I need, so I end up pressing the forgotten password link and then having to go back to my yahoo account to receive a link to change my password – the email always takes SO MUCH TIME to arrive in my Yahoo account and I get frustrated and end up screaming at my laptop – which of course does not help!

So now I have started emailing all my passwords to myself when I have to create new ones – is this dangerous? I suppose it is if someone manages to suss out my Mail password – but with so much trouble trying to recollect it myself I am hoping I am safe!

Rant over!


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