As one door closes, another door opens…

It’s been a funny old week for us, with a real mixed bag of emotions.

image (3)

Exciting times – when our tops were launched

Tracy went up to Kiddicare in Lakeside a few days ago,  which will most likely be her last visit to the Store.  It was so sad to see the once vibrant bustling surroundings now full of half empty shelves, with the last of their stock heavily reduced. And a complete contrast to the ‘high’ of when our tops were launched there back in March!


The closure of Kiddicare Lakeside

The closure of Kiddicare Lakeside


As ever, the staff there were their usual kind self and took the time out to sit and have a cup of tea and a chat with Tracy – even though they have all had to take on board the news that they are being made redundant.  We still do not know whether our tops will be sold via the Kiddicare Website, but we are keeping our fingers, toes and every other bodily part firmly crossed.


The last pack of Dribble Stop Tops on the shelves


Whilst there, Tracy bought the last packet of Dribble Stop Tops left on the shelves – which at least means that our tops have nearly all been sold and there are mums and dads out there using them to keep their little ones chests dry and dribble free! – And hopefully, once they have tried them they will come back to buy some more – but where from?…


…Ahh,  that is where our exciting news come in.


We are totally over the moon to say that our new website finally launched this week and our customers can now buy our Dribble Stop Tops directly from us!!!!!!  This has been a dream of mine and Tracy’s for a long time, but a lot more is involved than you would think – not least revamping our website and adding a shop to it, but also buying stock (which my dear son thought we could have ‘for free’ as we invented it – we wish!) advertising, sorting out postage costs etc.  But we have done it and we are so happy to say that within the first few hours of launching we got our first order – oh Happy Days – let’s keep them coming please!

The other exciting piece of news we had, is that Katie Piper (who is also incidentally an ambassador for Kiddicare) starting following us on Twitter and we have sent her a Dribble Stop Top for her baby daughter, Belle, who is currently teething and dribbling – lets hope our tops give Katie one less thing to worry about and she tells the world how great they are for us!20140904-114545.jpg

Oh and one last thing!  If you haven’t voted  in MumandWorking ‘Best Working Parent Blogger Awards’ yet, we would love you to click on the link below and vote for us!





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