Watch out Kanye!

I had fun with two of my boys this week making a video to ask for your vote in the Mum and Working “Best Working Parent Blogger 2014” Awards.


Jacob is 8 and Phoenix is 6 and they often sit and make up raps and songs together – inevitably, being boys, lots of their raps end up steering towards bums, bottoms and anything gross –  but that is boys for you! So when they suggested making up a rap song to get people to vote for 2mums Ltd I thought ‘why not?’.

At first my 10 year old, Ben wanted to join in with the rap too, and he did help make up some of the words (lyrics?), but when push came to shove and I said I would post it on Facebook, he decided he was far too cool for that!

So down into the garage we went (kinda ghetto atmosphere!) and the performance began. To be fair, it did only take about 1/2 a dozen attempts to get it right – but I wanted to share some of the out takes with you – they are perhaps far more entertaining than the finished video itself. The glares that Jacob gives his younger brother when he gets it wrong are hilarious! So if you have a couple of minutes and would like a giggle, have a watch of this!

But they did do a great job in the end and here are my little stars in the finished rap video – enjoy and don’t forget to vote!!!

All I can say is watch out Kanye the Brown Brothers are hot on your heels!


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