Our Dribble Stop Cuties

 More than anything at 2mums Ltd, we love to receive comments and notes from happy customers!

And we are even happier when photos of their little ones wearing a Dribble Stop Top are included.

We have had some real cuties and thought it would be lovely to share some of them with you.

We would love to know what you think 😀


Kate (Albie’s Mummy) wrote…

The vest seemed to work brilliantly. He was very content all day and, as we spent most of it outside in the fresh (rather cold!) air with no complaints from him of a soggy chest, I think that says a lot for the product . They are a brilliant idea.



 ‘Found it very good, fabric very good quality, warm & kept my baby boys chest dry’


dribble stop review 3

 Love them, best thing ever! said Amber’s mum


dribble stop review 5


We love the dribble stop tops. Saves hiding his clothes says Adam’s mum


dribble stop review 6

 Lovely Hannah tried our Top.  ‘Am so very very impressed’ said her carer ‘when I checked her chest it was bone dry’



dribble stop review 7


 Cute Liliana in her Dribble Stop Top ‘wearing this dribble stop top means I don’t need to change her all the time’



 I would definitely recommend the Dribble Stop Top, particularly for any babies with sensitive skin. Whilst there’s nothing we can do to stop the dribble coming out in the first place, the Dribble Stop Top really does protect and keep babies skin dry, and as such we feel the price is great value for money.


dribblestop review

Mummy Zoe said “it is such a great product” 


thomas 2



 Alex wearing his Dribble Stop Top – his mum said “Thanks for making such a great product”

A friend of mine bought the dribble stop top for us and I have to say it is really good. No sore chest from all the dribble Alex is producing with his teeth coming through.


alex dribble stop

‘ For any mum or dad who has a dribbly baby, a reflux baby or a teething baby, I would not hesitate to recommend the Dribblestop Top, and I for one will be buying heaps more of these little beauties! ‘    


dribble stop review 1

Sebastian was starting to get dry skin in the dribble zone, but thanks to this Dribble Stop Top this has now gone.  We are that impressed with it that I have already ordered some more!


                                                dribble stop review 2




And here is Jude – My little Dribble Monster in one of the first Dribble Stop Tops we made!



Thank you for all the lovely photos and comments – please keep them coming! 




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