We wait with bated breath!

‘It will happen, it’s just a matter of time’

 ‘It will just take one thing and it will all spiral’.

We have been told this so many times and we are trying hard to be positive and patient – whilst doing everything we can to make our ‘lucky break’ come sooner rather than later.

But, we are secretly hoping that today is the day when our ‘lucky break’ comes.  Because today, we are being featured in The Daily Telegraph.  To us this is HUGE and the best piece of publicity we have scored so far. We are both waiting with nervous anticipation to get hold of a copy and see how it reads – keeping our finger firmly crossed that this might be the press coverage we need to get our Dribble Stop Tops firmly on the baby market map!  We are hoping that the readers of the Daily Telegraph will by-pass all the ‘World Cup Woes’ news that is sure to dominant the papers today and head for a more cheerful read about how 2 mums created a fantastic new baby product and got it to market!

telegrapah spoof0010

How we would love the Front Page to read!!!


Of every hurdle we have faced, the biggest and toughest barrier so far has been spreading the word and letting everyone know about our Dribble Stop Tops  – and believe us we are trying hard!

We have sent hundreds of Press Releases to magazines and publications , passed our tops onto celebrities with new babies like, Peter Andre and Kerry Katona (and as you know we have even tried Kate and Wills) and each time we wait with bated breath  to  see if we will receive a positive comment orrecommendation from them, because maybe, just maybe, all their fans and followers will listen to what they say and Kiddicare will have a stampede of parents with dribbly baby’s rushing through their doors to buy a packet of our tops.

We have been told that the best way to grow a business is by ‘word of mouth’ and to let it grow ‘organically’.  Now this is great – but how long does ‘organically’ take?

One of our biggest fears is that if we wait for our product to grow from word of mouth –’will Kiddicare be as patient as us?’  We know retailers need to make money and that means ‘Sales’.  But,  how many Sales are needed in the first 3 months, 6 months, year? We know that shop floor space is at a premium – so how patient are retailers before they pull the plug and replace our ’brand new amazing product’ with another?

The thing is we are still getting such positive reviews and it seems everyone who tries our Dribble Stop Tops love them – in fact only this week we got a lovely email from a lady who had won a pack of Dribble Stop Tops in a Kiddicare competition – and even though a few months had passed, she still took time out to contact us and let us know her thoughts.

She said – ‘My little girl Liliana can finally try out her 3-6 months dribble stop top. 

The top is so soft and I love the simplicity of the design.  The brand label being on the outside rather than the inside also contributes to the comfort factor.  Liliana does dribble so wearing this dribble stop top instead means I don’t need to change her all the time and I don’t have to worry about her getting a rash either. We have tried using bibs but they were not always comfortable and baby would tug at it.  So thank you for designing such a useful and convenient top – as a busy mum I would welcome any convenience I can get!!



Beautiful Liliana in her Dribble Stop Top


So everyone – please keep your fingers and toes and everything else crossed for us today, have a read of the article in the Daily Telegraph and if you know anyone with a Dribbly Baby – you know what to recommend!


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