It’s been nearly 4 years since we first came up with the idea of the Dribble Stop Top – and boy time has flown!

We are so lucky to always have had so much support and encouragement from everyone around us.  From our family and close friends, to the mums at the school and nursery, people we meet at mum and baby groups and even the local lolly pop lady – everyone seems to be behind us.  There was even a piece in the school newsletter about us – now that is an achievement!


To our lovely lollipop lady, who has always supported us!

In our local community word really has gotten around about what we are trying to achieve – this was especially so when an article about us came out in the local newspaper – local shopkeepers were recognising us and saying ‘Hi, we saw you in the paper – how’s it going?’  We have had congratulations and pats on the back from so many kind people.


Some of the articles we have been spotted in!

Along with this came the questions and ‘how did your meeting with Kiddicare go?’,  ‘when is it going to be in the shops?’, ‘where can people buy one from?’, ‘how many have you sold?’ – everyone is interested in our story and it seems everyone is so so keen for us to succeed.  I think that people like the fact that we are just 2 local mums who have managed to achieve something out or the ordinary – it’s news!  Backing the underdogs if you like!

But, along with this comes a bit of pressure – and if I am TOTALLY honest, there have been occasions when I wish that mine and Tracy’s Dribble Stop Top adventure was just our little secret – something that no one else knew about except us.

Why? – because if no one knew about it there would be no expectations and if it all went wrong no one would be any the wiser!

So many people are willing us to crack the market and truly want us to succeed that, as well as making our own dreams come true, we also feel pressure to not let all our supporters down. What if it all went wrong? What if we didn’t manage to get it into any retailers? What if no one buys it?  How could we tell everyone?

Luckily, as you know, we did manage to get it on the shelves, it is selling and fingers crossed it will keep on selling – so hopefully this will be a bridge that we will never have to cross.  But it is always there – sitting on our shoulder, we are constantly waiting for someone to pull the rug from under our feet.  In fact to this day we still have not really celebrated our achievements – just in case we are jinxing it all somehow!

But hey, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

So, to all the mums who have stopped us in the street to ask ‘what’s happening with the Dribble Stop Top?’ or given us their honest opinion about our packaging, to the ultimate lollipop lady – who seems to sing our praises to so many people, to all the people who have called across the street to congratulate us as they have seen us in the paper or a magazine, to everyone who has wished us well and to all our Facebook and Twitter followers who have shared and retweeted to help spread the word and especially to our friends and family – we just want to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for believing in us and telling us we can do it – and thank you for all your support and sharing this bumpy, but fantastic journey with us – we are so happy that you have come along for the ride!




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