Moneys too tight to mention!

Move over Katie Price and Kelly Brook, the real story is on page 87!


The real story is on pg 87!

Excited – oh yes! This week Closer magazine published an article about how we raised money for our business without getting into debt – so along side Katie Price’s shock pregnancy and Kelly Brooks wedding woes you can read about how we struggled to raise finances for our business by selling at Boot-fairs and ebaying as we had no other spare income to invest!

I must point out that it seems really bizarre to us that we are in this huge national publication! (a gossip magazine about celebrities.) Who wants to know about us? Never did we think that we would have something in common with the likes of Katie Price and Kelly Brook (and it’s definitely not our breast size!) But hey we’re not going to knock it. We are happy to grab any publicity we can get!


Our claim to fame!


You have to jump on every opportunity that is thrown at you and mould it into something that will be of benefit.  No publicity is bad publicity, as they say!

The  great thing about this article (other than our children believing that they are famous as their photo is in a magazine) is the fact that it puts any misconceived ideas to bed that, just because we have a product in a major high street chain (that sounds soooo good!) we are far from millionaires! Yes we would love to be and let’s keep our fingers crossed that ‘this time next year…’ . But the truth of the matter is that we are  going to have to sell truck loads more Dribble Stop Tops before that happens, or even before we start breaking even – but you know what, we are a little bit closer than we were this time last year!

In all honesty NOW is the hardest time for us.  Marketing and letting everyone know about our Dribble Stop Tops is very difficult without a money tree growing in the back garden.  But it’s a challenge that we have to win, as if people don’t know Dribble Stop Tops exist they are not going to buy them – simple as that – however brilliant they are! So what can we do?

If we had sack loads of money we could advertise in all the mother and baby magazines, show adverts on telly and attend all the baby events around showing off our Dribble Stop Tops.  But we haven’t, so we can’t.

For us it means putting our head down to the grindstone, emailing, writing and calling as many people as we can to help us get the word out and also building up our presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter – which as many of you already know, we find quite challenging!

We KNOW from the reviews and comments people have made that our product is great and we will keep singing and shouting about it until everyone knows – it may be a long road, but you know what, by hook or by crook we will get there!



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