Launch Day

It has been a long time coming – over 3 years since we first thought of the idea for our Dribble Stop Tops – but at long last our tops were hitting the shelves.  Not only were they going on sale, but they were going on sale in Kiddicare Stores!


After months and months of Tweeting and Facebooking and telling everyone we could think of about our Dribble Stop Tops; designing banners and leaflets and blowing up balloons – the official launch took place on Saturday 8th March at Kiddicare Lakeside and it was wonderful!

The members of staff at the Lakeside store could not have been more attentive and helpful – they all really understood the concept of our Dribble Stop Tops and seemed genuinely excited by it.

The day was emotional, exhausting, and nerve wrecking.  Headaches came and went and voices grew hoarse – but more than anything the day was perfect! Hundreds of people came through the door and asked us questions about this new concept in the battle against dribble. People were both intrigued and fascinated by our Dribble Stop Tops and everyone we spoke to were so supportive and positive.  So many people commented on what a ‘simple idea’ it was and if we had a pound for every time someone said ‘I wish I had thought of that!’ we would be rich ladies by now.

IMG_0212[1]  IMG_0248[1]

The day was amazing and we wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved and everyone who helped us make the day so special.

image (4)

The thing is, we know how well our tops work and how much of a difference they can make to the life of a mum with a dribbly baby.  We know that they can keep babies more comfortable and free from dribble rash and soreness on their chest. And now everyone else can know too and that feeling can not be beaten.  The thought that we have made a small difference to people’s lives is an awesome feeling – we have achieved what we set out to do!


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