Keeping it in the family.

Right from the beginning of our Dribble Stop story, our boys have always been our main focus.  As I have mentioned before, Tracy and I have six boys between us (I have Ben 10, Jacob 8, Phoenix 6 and Jude 4, Tracy has Adam 9 and Luke 7)  and our work always fitted in around them.

Jude and Adam were the real inspirations for our tops as they were the cause of our dribble dramas.  Without them we would not have realised what a daily crusade keeping your little ones chest dry and dribble free could be.

But our other boys were always there and involved too.  Throughout our whole journey our boys have always been interested and wanted to know what was going on – they were always eager to tell their friends and their friends mums (and teachers and everyone else they bumped into!) what their mums were doing and to help promote the Dribble Stop Brand.


(Phoenix’s good luck note to mummy!)

They would all give us big kisses and write us good luck notes whenever we were going to meet big companies about our tops and eagerly jump on us when we arrived home wanting to know how it all went.

Whenever, I was out and about and Ben saw a baby with a dribble soaked bib on, he would nudge me and say ‘tell them about the Dribble Stop Tops Mum!’  They have all been really adorable, supportive and patient (as have our husbands).

We both always had a vision of what we wanted our branding to incorporate.  As our product was aimed at babies and young children we wanted to keep it as child like as possible.

We loved the innocence of children’s writing and drawings – how arms seem to come out of heads on their prized drawings of you, how the size of any facial features are always totally out of proportion to the rest of the drawing and maybe most importantly of all, how everyone is nearly always smiling.

Jacob was about 4 1/2 when he proudly come over to me and showed me the picture he had drawn of me and Tracy.

scanfaces  (Jacob’s original drawing of me and Tracy)

I immediately fell in love with it (although to this day, we still don’t know who the one with the big head is!) and sent it over to Tracy with the idea that we should put it on our business cards.  Tracy loved the idea and although the design of our business cards has changed since our first attempt, one thing has stayed the same –  Jacobs picture of us is still on them.2mumsltd-Master

When it came to designing our Dribble Stop  logo, we both agreed that we wanted a picture of a dribble drop next to our product name.  A child’s idea of a dribble drop. We tried to draw a child like dribble drop ourselves – but it is impossible to imitate a real child’s drawing (even when you do draw upside down with your left hand).

So we decided who better to ask for help than our own children.

This is where Luke comes in.  Like Jacob, Luke is a budding little artist and we knew he would love to help.

Luke eagerly sat down at the good old kitchen table and created a whole page of little dribble drops for us – from pirate dribble drops to santa dribble drops, to ones that resembled little onions – we had them all.  In fact, they were all so adorable that it really was tough choosing which one to use.

original dribble drops

In the end we loved this one!

dribble drop logo packaging

So that is where our 2mums Ltd logo and dribble drop came from.  The boys are so chuffed that their drawings are now ‘all over the world’ and that they are going to be ‘famous’ and we are so happy that they are part of the Dribble Stop story… lets just hope that they don’t ask for commission in years to come!


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