We tried so hard not to think about it, but we knew the day would come …

We knew it was inevitable and that one day we would have to bite the bullet and just do it.  Everyone kept telling us how important it was and we really must do one.  It was one of our biggest fears but we both knew that the day had come when we had to swallow our pride, be brave and strong and record a … You Tube video.

Anyone who knows us can tell you that we HATE having our photo taken – it’s not that we are vain – more that we are just not comfortable in front of a camera, we are always so aware that it is there.  It somehow never feels natural! We don’t know how we should hold our head to make sure that we don’t have double chins, or how to smile so that our crows feet aren’t too prominent and one of us always recoils in horror when we see our photo and screeches ‘Oh my God, I look so fat!’.

When we had to have our photo taken for our website, Tracy’s cousin came around and said she would take some snaps whilst we were chatting and having a cup of tea and to just forget she was there  – over 350 shots later … natural it may be – but only if the result we wanted was us cracking up at each other whilst trying to look normal!





So you can imagine our joy at the thought of recording a You Tube Video trying to explain how our Dribble Stop Top Works.  We skimmed over the subject again and again, but never really set aside a time to do it.

Then one morning we were walking back from the school run and we said ‘Ok let’s just do it now’. So we grabbed the IPad and a few  props, we wrote a few points down that we wanted to include, sat down at the same kitchen table where our Dribble Stop  journey had began and pressed the record button.

Then we froze.

Then we giggled.

Then we belly  laughed.

Then we forgot what we were supposed to say again and again and again.

photo (6)

Yes, we had to re-record it about 11 times and yes, it is certainly not the most professional You Tube video out there – (in fact one of my friends actually admitted to having to turn it off half way through because she felt so embarrassed for us).  But we did it and we knew it didn’t matter how many more times we re-recorded it – that was as good as it was going to get.

Even now, if we have to watch it we cringe with embarrassment and although we really don’t relish the idea of people watching us make complete fools of ourselves …here it is.  And honestly, please don’t feel bad if you find yourself trying not to laugh at us.  ;D




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