Reviews… they always have us quaking in our boots!

Something that still puts the fear of God into us, even though we know we have a great product, that does exactly as it says on the packet!  The REVIEW!

thomas 2Here is Thomas, testing one of our tops!

Our Dribble Stop Tops have been reviewed abous be honest are always a bit biased) and each and every time a new review comes in we hold our breath and keep our fingers crossed that the reviewer

a) has a dribbler (as mum’s with dribblers will appreciate it so much more, and

b) gets what our product is all about.

That’s the thing.  We have only ever had one negative review, which at the time, we were absolutely gutted about.  But in fairness to us, the review was bad because the reviewer did not understand the concept of the Dribble Stop Top.  The reviewer said that she thought our top was pointless, because her baby’s clothes still got wet!  Well she is entitled to her opinion, but we never ever said we could stop your little one dribbling, so whatever they wear is still going to get wet!  The point of the Dribble Stop Top was always to keep your baby’s chest dry and dribble free throughout the day.

But hey, we learnt from this and actually added a sentence to our packaging saying – ‘Sadly, you can’t STOP your baby from Dribbling or their clothes from looking wet, but you can feel good knowing that their chest  stays DRY and Healthy throughout the day!’ – so that any misconception that we could stop your little one dribbling was covered.

Other than that, all our reviews have been great and with each one we have been totally overwhelmed and ecstatic that someone else likes our product – we still have to pinch ourselves sometimes and I expect we will always be waiting for someone to pull the rug from beneath us.  And, we know that with every new review, we will still be a bundle of nerves  – but we think that is par for the course and we can not imagine that feeling ever subsiding.

We are so proud of our reviews and love to show them off, so here are a few: – Family Fever Reviews – Real MumReview – BizzieBaby reviews

If you want to see more, just go to our Facebook page


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