What’s in a name?

So here we were.  We had thought of this new product that we knew worked and we thought was brilliant.  We wanted to tell the world about it.  So what do we call it?  We needed something that would tell everyone what it does, something catchy and memorable.  We agonised for days, throwing names and phrases at each other when we passed in the playground.  Ringing each other late into the night, when we should have been going to bed.  But nothing was right.  Nothing sounded how we wanted it to sound.

So once again, we sat around that kitchen table and talked it over.

What does our product do?

It stops dribble soaking through to the baby’s chest

What is it?

It’s a top.

So it’s a Dribble Stop Top

Hey presto and the name was born – to use another products catchphrase – it does exactly what it says on the tin (or packet in our case).

Perfect – or was it?  Well we thought it was perfect until we typed ‘dribble stop’ into the internet.  And what did it come up with? …

A penile incontinence clamp – ouch!  Even that didn’t change our mind though, in fact it made us laugh and laugh so much that, had we been men, we may have needed a dribble stop clamp ourselves!

Now all we have to do is remind people, that when searching for us on the internet – ‘do not forget the word TOP on the end of Dribble Stop, or you might not find exactly what you are looking for!



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