Our Story

One morning …

We were having a coffee around the kitchen table, chatting about the difficulties of living with our dribbly babies. The battle to keep their chests dry and the guilt we felt if the delicate skin on their chests became sore. How going out seemed more like a military operation, ensuring that there were enough clothes in the bag for those extra changes.  How it was such at a shame to cover up their cute clothes with those horrible bibs (and that’s if they didn’t tug them off)!

There must be another way …

Something to help keep baby’s chest dry and healthy, without the safety issues that wearing a bib can bring. Something discreet, tug proof and most importantly, safe – even at sleep times! … But sadly nothing was found.

 And so it began …

The mission to create a product that would alleviate these problems, a product kind to mums and safe for the little ones.  Finally after many more cups of coffee and with the help of an old sewing machine, our first top was made and it worked!

We did it! …

After many months of trialing and testing to make sure everything was perfect, laughter, late nights and sometimes wanting to pull our hair out the Dribble Stop Top was born.

Three years later …

We are still just two mums who had an idea.  With six boys between us it has been a real juggling act!  Our boys always come first which meant the laptops often came out after bedtimes or we snatched the odd couple of hours during school and nursery time.  Luckily, we have each other to lean on and two very supportive husbands – who know better than to try stopping us on our crusade!   Through sheer determination, passion for our product and the support from our family and friends (and a lot of winging it!) Dribble Stop Tops are now available to purchase from, Kiddicare, Babies ‘r’ Us and littlecasa.com – We did it!

To be continued …



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