10th January 2014 – A day of reflection

The 10th January.  It is a big day for 2mums Ltd, as it is the day our first shipment of Dribble Stop Tops arrive in the UK.

After over 3 years of hard work (which was also really enjoyable) it is strange to think that our tops have been manufactured and are now here and ready to hit the shop floor.  Sometimes it all seems like a dream and we really do have to pinch ourselves.  How can 2 mums with no experience of the retail or babywear market, have come this far and made our idea into a reality.  Proud? – yes we are.

When I heard that our tops will be arriving in the UK on 10th January, straight away my heart tugged – you see that is my Mums birthday.  She would have been 66 had she not died of Ovarian Cancer in 2001.  Knowing that our tops arrive on such a significant date for me made me wonder what my Mum would think of what we have achieved.

My Mum was a worker – she worked hard every day, at a job she didn’t really enjoy, to make sure that she kept a roof over mine and my sisters head.  She never had much financially but she taught me to work hard and never give up – however tough it gets, because there is always someone worse off than you .  She was a very positive person and her glass was always ‘half full’.

‘Give it some welly Em!’ is one of her phrases that springs to my mind so often ( I remembered it when giving birth too!)  She always told me to try to get a job that I enjoyed and to follow my dreams.  So now I wonder what she would think of The Dribble Stop Top, what would be her reaction if she saw it in the shops and could see that I really have followed my dream?

Pleased as punch – I am positive of that.  Just like  Tracy’s parents who are bursting with pride with how much she has achieved, cutting out newspaper articles about her and telling anyone who will listen about the Dribble Stop Top.

But I know in my heart of hearts that Mum is somewhere watching with a smile on her face saying ‘you did it my girl, you did it’ and somehow I don’t think that it is a coincidence that after all this time our Dribble Stop Tops finally arrive on her birthday – Happy Birthday Mum x




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