5 Reason Every Mum Should Buy a Dribble Stop Top

We have decided to write a blog letting you know the 5 reasons why we think you should buy a Dribble Stop Top.  Anyone who knows us will know that getting us to shut up after 5 reasons is going to be very hard!

I think the first thing you need to know about us (Emma and Tracy – 2mums Ltd) is that we are real mums, who have six little boys between us. Yes 6 BOYS – not a girl in sight.  But that is not to say that mums of baby girls do not come across the same dribble problems that we had with our little boys.

Jude was my (Emma’s) fourth baby and to say he dribbled was an understatement.  Jude’s dribble seemed to be on tap from his mouth.  Within an hour of getting him dressed, he was soaked through to his skin.  If I was out of the house and could not change his clothes he ended up with a red and sore chest – which I inevitably felt really guilty about.  So my days were spent constantly changing his clothes or trying to sneak a bib around his neck.  You see Jude was a ‘tugger’.  Whenever I tried to put a bib onto him he would tug at it.  And he would continue to tug until the pesky bib was off.  Believe me, I tried every distraction method I could think of in an attempt to get a bib around his neck before he would notice – and occasionally he wouldn’t notice – for a minute or two!  So it was back to changing his clothes throughout the day, which also meant loads more washing and ironing for me and loads more moaning from his big brothers when we were out and about and had to find somewhere to stop so I could change Jude’s clothes AGAIN!  On top of that, my changing bag was the size of a suitcase whenever I went out for more than a few hours, as it had to accommodate all the extra changes of clothes that I needed for him.

One day I was particularly fed up with the constant hassles that my dribbling little man was bringing me and was moaning to my friend Tracy about the whole dribbling fiasco (and anyone who has a dribbler knows it is a fiasco) and Tracy completely understood.  You see, Tracy’s first son Adam dribbled endlessly too – the evidence was clear to see in all his baby photos.  Luckily, Adam was not a ‘tugger’, but Tracy clearly remembered all the tricks she would try to keep his chest dry – putting plastic bibs under his clothes and another one on top (and groaning every time a plastic lined bib ended up in the tumble dryer and came out like a crumpled piece of paper) and even resorting to putting a bib on him when she put him down for his naps, in the hope that the dribble would not soak through his clothes and wake him up – obviously this meant that Tracy could not get on with anything whilst Adam was having his nap as she was constantly checking him to make sure that his bibs weren’t choking him.

We thought that there must be something out there that could help… but after scouring the internet we realised there wasn’t.  I remember talking to Tracy and us both saying that we needed something that you could put on your baby that would keep them dry all day, but it also had to do this job without your baby knowing, so that they could not pull it off – some form of waterproof top maybe?  So there and then, we sat down and decided to design something that would help. 

One of the first things we did was sit and make a list of everything that was important to us when designing our top (stuff that only Mums think about) and looking back at this list these are also our reasons that we think you should buy our Dribble Stop Top – so here they are…

1. Must keep baby’s chest dry all day – Our Dribble Stop Top has an integrated waterproof (but breathable) pocket hidden inside the chest area of our tops (we liked to call this ‘the dribble zone!’) This Dribble Stop protection helps stop the dribble soaking through to the delicate skin on your baby’s chest, keeping them dry throughout the day.  Our tops also have a unique extra high neckline ensuring maximum coverage and protection of the ‘dribble zone’. (one thing we have to point out here is that we cannot stop your baby’s clothes looking wet – but let’s be honest anything they put on is going to look wet – but it feels good knowing that your baby’s chest is dry and protected).


2.  Must be comfortable for baby to wear, as an uncomfortable baby is not a happy baby – Our Dribble Stop Tops are made from very high quality 100% cotton interlock, which is extremely soft and comfortable.  The waterproof pocket is lined with the same cotton interlock, so the only material in contact with your baby’s skin is – you guessed it, 100% soft cotton interlock.  Soft, Cosy and Comfortable!



3.  Nothing attached around baby’s neck to be tugged at – Our protection is built into our tops so nothing is tied around your baby’s neck for them to tug at.  They are totally unaware that they are being protected.  This also means that our tops are safe for continuous use.  Brilliant for those nursery days and maybe even more importantly, safe for sleep and nap times.  Now you can put your baby down to sleep knowing that their dribble soaked chests will not be the cause of them waking up early.


4.  Must be able to be tumble dried – now to some this may seem a bit extreme, but to us, this was a necessity.  We all know how frustrating it is in the winter, when our radiators seem to be lined up with bib after bib, but we also all know what happens to most bibs when they are accidently tumble dried!  Also, we always want our little ones clothes to be soft and cosy and nothing keeps your clothes as soft as tumble drying them.  So yes, our Dribble Stop Tops can be tumble dried – hurrah!



5.  Must be discreet and look good – yes we know this is not as important as keeping their chests dry, but how many of us look back at our baby photos and groan when we see all the cute outfits, we spent so much money on, covered up with bibs.  So we made our Dribble Stop Tops look like regular baby vests – so nobody knows that your baby is wearing one.  They come in white and cute stripes (and what mum doesn’t like stripes).  They can be worn on their own or as a vest under whatever outfit you want your baby to wear.  They look like a normal top, but YOU know that their chest is dry.


Ok, so there are our 5 reasons, but we did warn you right from the start that it would be hard to get us to stop at 5 reasons.  So we just wanted to add that our Dribble Stop Tops are easy and convenient to use.  Basically you just put one onto your baby at the beginning of the day and then forget about it.  Simple as that! 

Oh yeah – they are also great for when your little one is first starting to use a sippy cup!


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